Airline Customer Service Plan

Air Seoul displays the following service plan under the 'Air Traffic Passenger Protection Standards' (Notice MOLIT 2016-471 of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport) enacted on July 20, 2016.

1. Air Seoul shall provide fair treatment in the event that a passenger is denied boarding due to the overselling of seats.

  • ○ In the case that a passenger who has purchased a ticket cannot board the aircraft due to the overselling of seats, the passenger shall receive fair treatment according to the procedures listed below, which are based on all applicable Compensation Regulations and Customer Dispute Resolution Procedures (Notification of the Fair Trade Commission).
  • ○ When applicable, Air Seoul shall provide an alternate flight and compensation for passengers who voluntarily give up their seat(s) in the case of an overbooked flight.
  • ○ In cases in which an involuntary boarding cancellation is issued, disembarkation shall proceed in order of priority as determined by Air Seoul, and an explanation of Air Seoul’s liabilities and the contents of compensation awarded in accordance with such liabilities shall be provided to all affected passengers. Alternate flights shall be provided and, as needed, hotel accommodations and/or transportation. When deemed necessary, monetary compensation shall be provided for delay time based on passengers' arrival time at their final destination.

2. Air Seoul shall make every effort to provide safe baggage delivery services.

  • ○ Air Seoul shall make every effort to complete on-time delivery of customer baggage. However, in unavoidable circumstances in which baggage is lost or damaged, customer appeals or claims shall be handled quickly and fairly, and customers shall be notified as quickly as possible of the results of the claims process and whether compensation will be provided.
  • ○ In the case of damage or loss resulting from missing or broken baggage, Air Seoul shall provide compensation in accordance with the regulations set by international agreements and national laws. However, in cases in which a passenger wishes to transport an item that exceeds Air Seoul's liability limits, Air Seoul shall take responsibility only within its limits for the registered value of the item, provided that there is no proof that the registered value exceeds the real, actual item value and provided that the customers registered the item purchase price in advance and paid the associated commission.
  • ○ Air Seoul shall take responsibility for any damage caused by baggage delay. However, in cases in which all reasonable actions were taken to prevent loss/damage to Air Seoul and the user/agent, or in cases in which such actions were proven impossible, Air Seoul shall not be held liable.

3. Air Seoul shall provide detailed information about fare regulations, including terms and conditions of ticket cancellation, refunds, and changes.

  • ○ In the case of airline tickets sold by Air Seoul, information is provided on fees associated with ticket cancellations/refunds/changes, fee exemption criteria, and ticket change periods. Ticket payments and issuance may only be completed once the customer has reviewed and agreed to information provided.

4. Air Seoul shall make every effort to accommodate on-board passengers during lengthy tarmac delays.

  • ○ The delay time of a flight with passengers on board shall not exceed 4 hours for an international flight and 3 hours for a domestic flight. However, in the case of extenuating circumstances, as determined by the Air Traffic Control Center for the purpose of passenger safety and security, the aforementioned stipulation of standard delay time shall not apply.
  • ○ Adequate food shall be provided to passengers in the case of delays on the tarmac lasting for 2 hours or more. However, this excludes delays decided by the pilot for reasons associated with safety and/or security.
  • ○ When in a state of delay on the tarmac, passengers shall be given notice of the cause(s) and progression of the delay every 30 minutes. Additionally, Air Seoul shall provide a number of different services based on the delay time in accordance with its service standards and shall seek to implement a thorough contingency plan for tarmac delays through the investment of human and material resources.

5. Information shall be provided immediately in the case of schedule changes due to flight delays and/or cancellations.

  • ○ The schedules of flights sold by Air Seoul are subject to change for reasons of government nonauthorization of related business plans, delays (30 min or more), and/or cancellations (etc.). The most up-to-date flight schedules may be viewed by visiting the Air Seoul homepage. In the case of a flight schedule change, information will be provided through correspondence sent to the contact information (telephone number, email, etc.) provided by the passenger at the time of ticket purchase. In the case of an imminent departure (30 min for a domestic flight, 1 hour for an international flight), this correspondence will be substituted by information given at the airport.
  • ○ Information services for code-share flights shall be provided by the ticketing airline.
  • ○ Although Air Seoul operates flights based on government authorization of business plan changes, in case it fails to operate in accordance to the scheduled flight schedule due to government disapproval, it provides damage relief to passengers in accordance with general conditions of carriage for international passengers.
  • ○ When changes arise in operation schedules, Air Seoul is informing consumers in advance according to general conditions of carriage for international passengers.

6. Air Seoul shall provide complete flight information (including baggage regulations, code-share flights, and seats) at the time of ticket purchase.

  • ○ For air tickets sold by Air Seoul, information is provided about baggage fees and the allowed number and weight of baggage in relation to the ticket(s) purchased. After the ticket purchase has been completed, an itinerary e-guide will be available for viewing at the Air Seoul website.
  • ○ For code-share flight tickets sold by Air Seoul, information is provided regarding the actual boarding costs associated with the aircraft, the real occurrence of fare differences between the selling airline and the operating airline, the airline operating check-in, and real applied baggage policies. After your ticket purchase has been completed, an itinerary e-guide will be available for viewing at the Air Seoul website.
  • ○ Seat maps, including seat arrangement (space between fronts and backs of seats and seat width) and the location of emergency doors, shall be listed under “Aircraft Information” on the Air Seoul website.
  • ○ Notifications of any changes to baggage policies, such as changes in baggage charges, shall be listed on the Air Seoul website for at least three months.