Homepage Terms and Conditions

Chapter 1: General Provisions

Article 1 [Purpose]

The following Terms & Conditions address the use of Internet-related and wireless website services (flyairseoul.com and mobile app, etc.) provided·by Air Seoul Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Air Seoul") and purposes to outline regulations related to user rights, obligations, and other responsibilities.

Article 2 [Definition of Terms]

  1. 1. The "Air Seoul website", is a virtual place of business operated by Air Seoul that uses computer and telecommunications equipment/facilities to facilitate transactions that provide users with goods and services.
  2. 2. "Users" are members and non-members who access the Air Seoul website, and, in accordance with the Terms & Conditions, receive services provided by Air Seoul.
  3. 3. "Members" are those who have provided personal information and registered an ID and password in order to continue to access and use information and services provided through the Air Seoul website.
  4. 4. "Non-members" are those who have not signed up for site membership, but access information and services provided by Air Seoul. 

Article 3 [Publication and Revision]

  1. 1. Air Seoul shall display the content of this agreement, company name, contact information (email address, telephone number, fax number, etc.) and number for the report of online businesses on the first page (front page) of the Air Seoul website. However, the content of this agreement can be visible through the link to the agreement.
  2. 2. Air Seoul may revise the Terms & Conditions of this agreement provided that these revisions do not violate relevant laws and regulations, including the 'Act on the Consumer Protection in the E-commerce Transactions, etc.', 'Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act', 'Framework Act on Electronic Commerce', 'Digital Signature Act', 'Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and information Protection, etc.', 'Framework Act on Consumers', and other related laws.
  3. 3. In the event of a revision, the reason for revision and date of effect (etc.) must be clearly stated and published along with the current agreement on the first page of the website at least 7 days prior to the official date of effect.
  4. 4. The revised agreement must not violate any related laws of the Republic of Korea and, members must be notified of the revision as outlined in the previous clause. However, if a member explicitly indicates to Air Seoul that he/she refuses to abide to the revised agreement up until the date of effect, the original agreement prior to the revision will apply to that member only.
  5. 5. Regarding items not specified in the agreement and interpretation of the agreement itself, users are asked to refer to the established and standard practices of the Republic of Korea. These practices are outlined within relevant laws and regulations, including the 'Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act', ‘Act on the Consumer Protection in the E-commerce Transactions, etc.’, 'Framework Act on Consumers'.

Chapter 2: Use of Services

Article 4 [Provision of Services]

  1. 1. Services provided through the Air Seoul website are as follows.
    1. 1) Reservation services and related information
    2. 2) Related travel services (airtel, hotel, rental cars, etc.) and information
    3. 3) Other duties as determined by Air Seoul
  2. 2. Air Seoul may arbitrarily apply changes, adjustments, and/or additions to predetermined services as deemed necessary.

Article 5 [Service Use and Limitations]

  1. 1. Air Seoul may cease operations and services for a fixed period of time for reasons that include, but are not limited to: system checks and repairs, damages to or replacements of various equipment, communication facilities and/or other technical complications.
  2. 2. In the event that the operations and services of Air Seoul are restricted due to the reasons outlined in the above paragraph, Air Seoul will notify users as outlined in Article 10, and is not obligated to reimburse any costs incurred by a third party that result from said interruption of services.
    However, this shall not apply in cases in which the damage occurs as a direct result of malicious intent or gross negligence on the part of Air Seoul.
  3. 3. Use of certain Internet services offered by Air Seoul may be restricted to members with "flyairseoul.com".
  4. 4. Air Seoul has the right to suspend, block or otherwise restrict the use of services without prior notice, if the user engages in one of the following actions.
    1. 1)Actions against public order or good morals
    2. 2)Any action that is deemed as criminal acts
    3. 3)Any action, planned or implemented, to use the services offered by Air Seoul in ways that do harm to public interest
    4. 4)Any attempt to steal another user's identification, username, and/or password
    5. 5)Any intentional attempt at defamation and/or slander of another user
    6. 6)Any action that attempts to disrupt the sound use of Air Seoul services, including attempts to disrupt the process of offering services to users.
    7. 7)Any and all miscellaneous actions that are deemed as violations of Air Seoul agreements, and other relevant laws and regulations
  5. 5. In the event that a user is restricted from using services for reasons outlined in clause 4, Air Seoul shall not, and is under no obligation to, reimburse the user and/or any other third party that may have incurred damage.

Article 6 [Membership]

  1. 1. The user must use his/her real name when applying for membership, and application for membership must be made by filling out all relevant membership information according to established forms and expressed agreement to the Terms and Conditions.
  2. 2. By clicking \"I agree\" to the terms and conditions, the user is legally agreeing to the contents specified in this agreement. However, in the case that the user is a minor below the age of 14, he/she may only apply for membership with the consent of a legal guardian who agrees to this agreement on his/her behalf.
  3. 3. Any user that meets any of the following conditions will not be permitted to register as a member.
    1. 1) Any user that fails to completely and accurately fill out the membership form by instead providing false, absent, or mistaken information
    2. 2) In the event that under Article 8(2), the user has previously lost his/her membership and is reapplying for membership within three years of such loss
    3. 3) Other cases in which it is determined that the user cannot be registered as a member due to technological or other practical hindrances
  4. 4. This contract is legally valid and active starting from the point at which Air Seoul grants user membership.
  5. 5. In the event that the member wishes to edit information as outlined in Article 14(1), the user may directly edit and register the information through 'Change Member Information' and must ensure that all information is maintained and up-to-date. Any cost that may result from the provision of inaccurate or outdated information must be borne by the member.

Article 7 [Member ID and Password]

  1. 1. Members who wish to use the services provided through the Air Seoul website must create a username ID and password in accordance with Air Seoul regulations.
  2. 2. Full responsibility for the management of the member's ID/password is borne by the member; as such, the member may not share or allow use of his/her ID and password with any third party.
  3. 3. If a member suspects that his/her ID or password has been stolen or is being used by a third party, the member must alert Air Seoul immediately and follow the instructions provided by Air Seoul on how to recover his/her information.

Article 8 [Membership Withdrawal and Loss of Membership Rights]

  1. 1. Any member may withdraw his/her membership at any time; in this event, Air Seoul must immediately complete all relevant withdrawal processes.
  2. 2. In the event that the member meets any of the following conditions, Air Seoul has the right to restrict service use or terminate the membership of the member.
    1. 1) In the event of the member's death
    2. 2) In the event that the member is violating general e-commerce etiquette, through methods such as disrupting another user's use of the service,
    3. 3) or stealing another user's information·
    4. 4) In the event that the member is unable to provide payment for airfare (etc.), despite having used the services offered by the Air Seoul website
    5. 5) In the event that the member has committed actions on the Air Seoul website that have either been banned or are otherwise deemed as violating relevant regulations and laws and/or public morals
    6. 6) In the event that the member has committed actions on the Air Seoul website that have either been banned or are otherwise deemed as violating relevant regulations and laws and/or public morals
  3. 3. In the event that the member has not logged ·In the event that Air Seoul plans to restrict or completely stop a member's service use, Air Seoul must give prior notice to the member in the form of an email, telephone call, or in-person communication, with regards to the reason, starting time, and the length of restriction.
  4. 4. However, in urgent cases, notification may be given after the restriction or termination of service use.·In the event that problematic behavior on part of the member is shown to be ongoing and has not been rectified by restrictive measures implemented by Air Seoul, Air Seoul may completely terminate the membership of the member.
  5. 5. In the event that Air Seoul terminates a membership in accordance with the paragraph (4), Air Seoul must inform the member of its decision prior to taking action. When terminating membership as per Article 2(6), Air Seoul must send out a warning for one month prior to the termination in accordance with Article 10.
  6. 6. Air Seoul is not liable for any damage or costs incurred due to use/membership restriction, blockage, or termination. 

Article 9 [Member Notifications]

  1. 1. In the event that Air Seoul must send a notification to a member, Air Seoul may use contact information provided by the member, such as e-mail or wireless short messages (Alert Talk or SMS).
  2. 2. In the event that Air Seoul must notify an unspecified number of members, Air Seoul may substitute individual communications with a public notice that must remain on the Air Seoul website for at least 7 days.
  3. 3. When notifying members of information as specified in the paragraph (2), Air Seoul may shorten the period or otherwise forego the public notification under certain circumstances.

Article 10 [Provision of Information]

Air Seoul may provide information in regards to service use, which includes but is not restricted to various events (commercial advertisements), and trip information through email, written communications, or wireless short messages (Alert Talk or SMS). However, members who do not wish to receive this information choose to block such communications from Air Seoul.

Article 11 [Purchases of Services such as Airline Tickets, etc.]

  1. 1. The user may purchase airline tickets through the following methods as determined by Air Seoul.
    1. 1) Enter information including name, gender, and contact information
    2. 2) Agree to various related terms and conditions, the collection and use of personal information, and legal notices (agreement is indicated by clicking
    3. 3) Select Payment Method

Article 12 [Establishment of Purchasing Contract]

  1. 1. Air Seoul may not approve the transaction completed through the methods described in Article 11 if the transaction meets any of the following conditions.
    1. 1) In the event that the information provided was incomplete, inaccurate, or incorrect
    2. 2) In the event that the approval of the transaction would result in a significant practical or technological disruption of business affairs
  2. 2. The user may view the receipt of Air Seoul's approval, sent in the form of a receipt notification, as significant proof that the purchasing contract is valid and has been established.
  3. 3. Those users who have received the receipt notification as shown in the paragraph(3) may choose to change or cancel their purchase, and Air Seoul will process these requests accordingly.

Article 13 [Payment Method]

  • The user may provide payment for any goods or services provided by Air Seoul using any of the following payment methods.
    1. 1) Credit card
    2. 2) Real-time account transfers
    3. 3) Easy-pay services
    4. 4) Any other payment service permitted by Air Seoul

Chapter 3: Information Protection

Article 14 [Protection of Personal Information]

  1. 1. In the event that Air Seoul collects information from users, the least amount of information will be collected in order to provide smooth services and process contracts.
  2. 2. Detailed information regarding the protection of personal information can be found on the Air Seoul website, in accordance with homepage privacy policy.

Chapter 4: Responsibilities and Duties

Article 15 [Duties of Air Seoul]

  1. 1. Air Seoul promises not to engage in activities that are banned by this agreement or violate public interest, and will strive to provide continued and secure services·and goods as outlined in this agreement.
  2. 2. Air Seoul will provide strict security for personal information (including credit information) for the safe utilization of Air Seoul goods and services, and promises to exercise technological measure and due diligence in regards to site maintenance and administration.
  3. 3. Air Seoul will seek to provide increasingly higher quality services through continued research and development, and ·will ensure sound ecommerce etiquette through an impartial administration of its website.
  4. 4. In regards to false or exaggerated claims of products or services listed on the Air Seoul website, in accordance with Article 3 of the ·Air Seoul will hold responsibility for any resulting damages and costs incurred by its users.
  5. 5. The products and services offered by partner companies on the Air Seoul website are provided directly by the partner company, and Air Seoul plays a role as an intermediary entity.

Article 16 [Responsibilities of the User]

  1. 1. The user must comply with this agreement and all relevant laws and regulations, and is explicitly forbidden from engaging in any of the following actions.
    1. 1) The input of false information in the event of membership application or changes to submitted information
    2. 2) Arbitrary changes and edits of the information provided by the Air Seoul website
    3. 3) The unwanted transmission or posting of information and computer programs that Air Seoul does not allow to go public
    4. 4) The violation of the intellect property rights of Air Seoul and/or any other third party
    5. 5) The defamation, slander, privacy violation, and/or disruption of duties in relation to Air Seoul or any other third party
    6. 6) The transmission, revealing, or posting of any obscene or violent messages, ·videos,·or audio that violate public interest
  2. 2. Air Seoul may delete or block any information provided by a user or information provider in the event that the information is deemed inappropriate as per the standards stipulated above.

Article 17 [Relationships Between the Air Seoul Website and other Websites]

  1. 1. In the event that Air Seoul links to another site through a hyperlink (i.e. letters, pictures, or videos etc. that transfer the user to a different site), Air Seoul is not liable in any way, shape or form, for the services or goods provided by the external linked site.
  2. 2. Air Seoul does not guarantee the reliability of the information or materials that users post on Air Seoul boards, and is not liable even in cases in which damages or costs result from such information and material.

Chapter 5: Miscellaneous

Article 18 [Copyright Ownership]

  1. 1. The intellectual property rights of copyrighted products as produced by Air Seoul are the sole property of Air Seoul.
  2. 2. The user is prohibited from using copyrighted information whose intellectual property rights belong to Air Seoul without the prior, expressed permission of Air Seoul. This includes the copying, transmitting, publishing, or otherwise disseminating any information owned by Air Seoul for profit-making purposes or for individual use or to any third party.

Article 19 [Dispute Resolution]

  1. 1. Air Seoul shall establish and operate a committee for reimbursements processing and the handling of complaints related to the services and goods provided by Air Seoul.
  2. 2. Air Seoul must process all complaints and responses with willingness and accuracy. However, in the event that a fast correspondence is difficult to ensure, ·Air Seoul will provide the user with reasons for the delay and notify the user of the expected time frame for complaint processing.
  3. 3. For any dispute that may arise between Air Seoul and any of its users, Air Seoul may defer to the established "E-Commerce Conflict Resolution Institute" for the handling of the dispute, pursuant to the 'Framework Act on Electronic Commerce' and its enforcement decree.

Article 20 [Competent Courts and Governing Law]

  1. 1. Air Seoul will make every effort to ensure that any dispute between itself and its users will be resolved with mutual integrity.
  2. 2. In the event that a lawsuit is filed despite good-faith efforts as outlined in the paragraph (1), all disputes shall be finally settled under the Republic of Korea Court in Korea and governed under the law of the Republic of Korea.


Article 1 [Agreement Validity]

This agreement is effective as of August 8, 2016.