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    Kumho Asiana Value System

    A beautiful corporation creating the hightest corporate value in each related industry 


    Improving the quality of life for all of Kumho Asiana's stakeholders

    • customers
    • shareholders
    • partner companies
    • society
    • Employees


    A beautiful corporation creating the highest corporate value in each related industry

    • beautiful corporation
      • The corporation which earns trust by fulfilling its roles its roles and social responsibilities,
      • contributing to society and acting on its pledges based on irreproachable business practies
    • A beautiful person
      • Each and every employee performs their respective duties with passion and tenacity.
      • Beautiful People come together to create our beautiful corporation. This is the new Kumho Asiana.

    4 Core Management Principles

    • Strategic Management
      • Mission-oriented management
      • Vision-oriented management
      • Strategic management
      • Tactical management
    • Human Resouces Management
      • People-centric management
      • Professional development management
      • Precise talent identification and placement-based management
    • Ethical Management
      • Fundamental principle-based management
      • Rational management
      • Uncritical management
    • Quality Mamagement
      • Trust-based management
      • Customer-first management
      • Advanced technology-based management
  • Currently SelectedAIR SEOUL

    Business Philosophy The best and safest airline, giving the gift of happiness to its customers.

    Corporate Philosophy A trusted airline that offers comfort and joy to every customer

    Slogan It’s mint time

    • The highest safety,
    • The happiest services,
    • A company you can trust.