Media Room

  • [Air Seoul Logo Song]
    Update 2020.02
    Launched Air Seoul logo song!
    It's a pleasant trip.
    It's always a good time to travel.
  • In-flight Saftey Video
    Update 2019.03
    Life Is Comic
    LICO characters introduces in-flight safety!
  • Your Most Pleasant Journey
    Update 2017.12
    "Mint" brings you freshness, comfort, and originality.
    Does your trip have "Mint" in it?
    Fly with Air Seoul!
  • Keep Style in Sky - Keep New
    Update 2016.11
    Young airline Air Seoul!
    Air Seoul will newly assist you
    with is new flight.
  • Keep Style in Sky - Keep Composure
    Update 2016.11
    More spacious room Air Seoul!
    Air Seoul will assist your flight to be more convenient
    with is larger seat space.
  • Keep Style in Sky - Keep Status
    Update 2016.11
    Enjoy flight with IFE system!
    Air Seoul will elevate stauts of travel with its IFE system.
  • Air Seoul PR Video
    Update 2016.11
  • In-flight Saftey Video
    Update 2016.11
    Naver Webtoon characters introduces in-flight safety!